"Quality is not an act its a habit "- Aristotle


Numen's business is built on uncompromised integrity and dedication to the highest ethical standards towards customers, stakeholders, vendors and community.

Quality is of utmost importance to Numen. High quality inducing practices are pursued to produce premium and consistent output. Extreme care is undertaken to produce quality food which is fresh and safe, and meets the standard for nutritional value and taste. The company constantly endeavors to innovate and strives to provide value additions to their customers.

Integrated raw material procurement with contractually bounded farming, in many parts of the country has enabled Numen to monitor the raw material from step one and ensure quality output.

Numen is supported by well trained and experienced quality team. Procedural trainings are provided from time to time to continuously update various skill sets.

Company has geared up for major international accreditations for food processing: BRC, FASSI, ISO:22000 . They have empowered quality control and quality assurance department for delivering best quality to customers.